UD banking LeBron backlash hurt memorabilia

(This story originally appeared on the CNBC.com website)
By: Darren Rovell

LeBron James’ image might have taken a hit this offseason, but the folks at Upper Deck don’t think that collectors will stay away.

LeBron James
Source: upperdeckblog.com
Upper Deck spokesman Terry Melia told CNBC that James signed photos and basketballs at his “King’s Academy Basketball Camp” in San Diego on Aug. 1.

A Spalding basketball signed by James will be sold for $799.99. A more limited signing of 100 basketballs with the Heat logo on it will sell for $899.99. James also signed photos of him in his Miami Heat jersey, which will sell for $699.99 unframed and $899.99 with a frame.

Melia said no jerseys were signed yet, but Upper Deck will have James, who has been with Upper Deck since his rookie season in 2003, sign all three variations of Heat jerseys and will sell them for $1,099.99.

Upper Deck hasn’t deeply discounted the price on its LeBron signed Cleveland items. LeBron signed Cavs jerseys are still selling for $849.99.

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