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(From Tuff Stuff Editor Scott Fragale’s 7th Inning Stretch Blog)

Strasburg Tearing Down The Walls Of A Sports Cynic:
I am a huge cynic when it comes to sports. I’ve made sports a huge part of my life for 35 years, and during that time I’ve been repeatedly let down by the teams and players that I have admired. Because of that disappointment, I’ve learned to be very guarded when it comes to athletes and the possibility of allowing them to ever reach hero status.
I’m one of those who believed steroids were playing a huge factor in baseball prior to any of the allegations being made publicly, and I believe to this day that close to 75 percent of all MLB players dabbled with performance-enhancing drugs during the peak of the Steroid Era. When I see a former All-Star struggle, I tend to think it’s because he’s adjusting to life without the juice. When I watch a once-healthy player become injury plagued season after season I tend to think it’s because his body is adjusting and breaking down after years of PED use.

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Survey Says: Five years from now, who will be viewed as the better No. 1 pick: Stephen Strasburg or Bryce Harper? To give us your vote, click HERE.

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Topps Unveils Strasburg’s First Rookie Card
To celebrate MLB Rookie phenom Stephen Strasburg’s major league debut, Topps, the exclusive producer of Major League Baseball trading cards, announced that Strasburg’s first ever MLB rookie card was made available Strasburg Card exclusively online via immediately following his first pitch in the big leagues.

In an effort to capture this special moment in a timely fashion and give sports fans around the world an opportunity to collect this treasured card, during Strasburg’s very first MLB game on June 8, collectors who visited with a code card found in Topps Series 1 or Topps Series 2 baseball had a chance to unlock this special card.  Strasburg’s Topps rookie card will contain the photo of his very first pitch in the Major Leagues and will be issued in very limited quantities.

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Mr. Memorabilia

Four Days Left To Consign Items To Next Auctions Sale
Be a part of the best Auctions best sale to date. Our next consignment deadline is June 12. Items continue to roll in for Auctions Sports & Americana Auction No. 5, set to begin July 26 and end Aug. 12. Call 888-463-3063 for more information, or visit Auctions
Many high-end items are already in the lineup for the sale. Some of the highlights include: Mark McGwire’s 500th Home Run Baseball;
Super Heroes of Sports Multi-Signed Poster; Willie Wilson’s 1982 Silver Slugger Award Bat; Derek Jeter 2005 NY Yankees Game-Used Jersey;
Cut Signatures from the 1946 Boston Red Sox; Numerous 1950s Baseball complete sets; Kevin Garnett Game-Used Warmup Shirt and much, much more.

A full preview of the auction is only weeks away. Bidding starts July 26. To register to bid, visit or call 888-463-3063.

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PSA/DNA Introduces Protective Holders For Photos
Protective holders for certified original photographs and for the grading of autographs on 8-by-10 and slightly smaller-size photos will be used by PSA/DNA Authentication Services (www.PSA/ beginning June 14, 2010.  The new holders make it easer for collectors and dealers to organize and store their photos.New PSA/DNA Holders

"We’ve listened to what collectors and dealers wanted, and this new holder should take collecting of original photos to a new level," said Joe Orlando, president of PSA/DNA.

"Hard plastic holders used for trading cards are too cumbersome for large-sized items, such as photos.  So, we’ve devised a semi-rigid holder that has a tamper-evident seal, similar to holders that are successfully used and widely accepted for certified paper money. This new holder is sturdy enough for safe storage but thin enough so you can easily frame certified photos for display on a wall, desk or table."

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Now Accepting New Submissions For Tuff Stuff’s ‘What’s It Worth?’
Every collector has several memorabilia items they’re dying to know the value of. We at Tuff Stuff’s Sports Collectors Monthly are here to help. Starting with our next issue, we’ll provide you with a proven memorabilia expert so you can submit your descriptions and find out the value of your items free of charge. You simply provide a brief, yet detailed description of your item (along with an image if possible) and our new expert will provide his analysis. [description]

To submit an item for evaluation e-mail or click HERE. Then check the next issue of Tuff Stuff’s Sports Collectors Monthly and see if your item was selected for evaluation. The more unique the item the more description our expert will need so please be specific and include an image of the item if possible. Items sent to our expert for evaluation will be taken randomly and because we expect a large quality of submissions, we can’t guarantee your item will make the cut but we will evaluate as many as we can fit on our Tuff Stuff pages and many of those that don’t make it in the magazine will then be posted on
We’ve gotten a great response to our "What’s It Worth?" feature thus far so keep the items coming. We’ll be posting your evaluations in the September cover issue of Tuff Stuff’s Sports Collectors Monthly and every other issue moving forward. We’ll also be posting the evaluations on the website so stay tuned in to be both to see yours and all of the others.

(From the first installment found in our July cover issue)
1967 St. Louis Cardinals Team-Signed Baseball
I have a 1967 World Champion St. Louis Cardinals official NL team-signed baseball. It includes all four Hall of Famers on the team (Red Schoendiest, Bob Gibson, Lou Brock and Steve Carlton) along with Maxvill, McCarver, Shannon, Boyer, White, Francona, Briles, Curt Simmons, Warwick, Bob Skinner, Ron Taylor, Gagliano, Stallard, Purkey, and Barney Schultz. The ball is fairly white, the signatures all legible, with some clearer than others. It’s an official NL Warren Giles Spalding ball.  What’s it worth?
James Mclaughlin

Evaluation: A team-signed baseball will typically include 22-26 signatures, including the starting lineup, star pitchers and other "key" players. Two names I noticed that were missing on your list of players on the ball were Roger Maris and Orlando Cepeda. Assuming they are on there I would put an estimated value of  $750-$1,000

Next round of "What’s It Worth?" submissions will be featured in Sept. issue of Tuff Stuff’s Sports Collectors Monthly

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Press Pass’ Popular Showcase Series Is Back
The release of Press Pass Showcase NASCAR turned out to be one of the most popular debuts in the trading card industry last year. The super-premium, hobby-exclusive Press Pass Showcase will be back in 2010 and better than ever. Once again, every pack will contain either an autograph or race-used memorabilia card from one of the world’s top Press Pass Showcase drivers. The autograph and memorabilia line-up consists of a variety of low-numbered rare cards that are exclusively available in Press Pass Showcase, including multi-signed autograph cards and oversized autographed memorabilia cards. Included will be Danica Patrick’s first autographed memorabilia card, which will be a short print in the base set. 

The autograph programs have been bolstered in Showcase with the addition of a special Racing’s Finest insert and new driver combinations on the Classic Collections multi-driver signed cards (e.g., Most Wins, Fan Favorites). Racing’s Finest will feature not only the most elite in the 2010 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series but also a small group of legends representing various racing series (e.g., NHRA’s John Force, Indy’s Mario Andretti, and "The King" of NASCAR, Richard Petty). Also new for 2010, the Classic Collections Ink, Racing’s Finest, and Elite Exhibit Ink autograph cards will all be printed on clear plastic for an eye-catching, upscale look.

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