UD sprinkles in new Exquisite BB into variety of sets

Year in and year out, Upper Deck’s Exquisite line of trading cards delivers some of the most valuable rookie, memorabilia and autograph cards in the industry. In 2010, Upper Deck will debut a brand new Exquisite Baseball set, but it will not be released as a stand-alone product; instead, the special limited-edition set will be released throughout each of Upper Deck’s 2010 hobby baseball product launches.
“Exquisite collectors are extremely passionate about the brand as they know it is the most premium line of cards in the market,” said Jason Masherah, director of sports brands for Upper Deck. “The Exquisite card sets are the reason why people collect in the first place and anyone who sees the cards are drawn to them. We are thrilled to be able to bring this high-end brand of cards to every level of collector purchasing Upper Deck 2010 baseball products in the hobby. These are the kind of cards that have collectors’ hands trembling when they are pulled, and that’s a lot of fun to see and the type of experience that only Upper Deck can provide.”
The 100-card base set will be limited to just 75 total copies featuring retired diamond legends as well as the top players in the game today. The “Exquisite Rookie Signature” cards will feature 20 cards that are each signed on-card. Baseball’s debut of the “Exquisite Autograph Patch Rookie” cards will feature a massive 1.5” x 1.5” patch swatch and these six cards will have a print run of just 99 total copies.
The “Legendary Numbers” and “Legendary Initials” inserts will make memorabilia fans stand up and cheer as they include up to as many as six swatches of memorabilia from the greatest legends of all-time. Upper Deck will have hard-signed signature or cut signature variations of these sets as well to add more value and chase.
The “Exquisite Rare Materials” insert will feature tags and logo patches from game-used memorabilia from all the top rookies and stars. The “Endorsement Signature” set will keep autograph hounds happy as these cards will include up to four hard-signed signatures on one card.
One of the most anticipated inserts in the set is called “UD Champions” and it boasts on-card signature cards and signature patch cards of Upper Deck’s elite spokesmen like Derek Jeter, Michael Jordan and Wayne Gretzky. There will be single, double and triple versions of these cards available.
Exquisite aficionados can begin putting together the base set as soon as they open 2010 Upper Deck Series One Baseball, which releases early next year. In late February, inside Upper Deck’s 2010 SPx Baseball, collectors can begin finding some of the unique patch cards from 2010 Exquisite Baseball. And come late April, when collectors dive into 2010 SP Authentic Baseball, they’ll start pulling some of the amazing autograph cards.

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