UD Announces Short-Print Info ’09 MLB Goodwin Champions

The September release of 2009 MLB Goodwin Champions provided collectors with a memorable pack-opening experience by virtue of its beautiful vintage design and vast array of unique inserts that have the industry buzzing. Upper Deck sponsored more than 10 “Tailgate Parties” around the product’s release where shop owners received prize support and refreshments for their customers who came by to check out the new set.
“Everyone was impressed with Goodwin Champions,” said Charlie DiPietro, owner of Sports Cards Plus in San Antonio, Texas, who had nearly 70 customers show up to celebrate the release of MLB Goodwin Champions. “The on-card autographs were a hit with everyone.”
Many collectors are chasing the set as the base card design has been extremely well received. To make things easier for collectors interested in putting the set together, Upper Deck is now announcing short-print information on the set.
Cards 1-150: Commonly seeded;
Cards 151-190: Short Prints (1:2 hobby packs on average);
Cards 191-210: Super Short Prints (2:1 hobby boxes on average); and
Cards 211-252: Mini High-Series Exclusives (42 of the 192 cards that create the mini card set).
What’s also noteworthy is that the mini parallels exist in the basic card format from cards 1-150 but then the final 42 cards in the set are only available in the mini card format. Foil versions of the mini parallels are limited to just 88 total sets. There is one other considerably more limited variation known as the “Moonlight” set that features the following players with a dark background and full moon behind them. Below is a listing of players that have this rare “Moonlight” parallel:
 1   Ken Griffey Jr.  
  7   Ryne Sandberg  
  20   Grady Sizemore  
  44   Barack Obama  
  56   Ozzie Smith  
  65   Tiger Woods  
  69   Ichiro  
  74   Gerry Lopez  
  87   Andy Pettitte  
  101   Cal Ripken Jr.  
  106   Ryan Howard  
  115   Smarty Jones  
  126   Troy Tulowitzki  
  132   Chien-Ming Wang  
  140   Gordie Howe 
Some of the hard-signed autograph cards are also quite limited. Below is a listing of cards in the autograph set limited to 50 copies or less:
 A-AG   Adrian Gonzalez – 45  
  A-AK   Al Kaline – 50  
  A-BO   Bobby Orr – 25  
  A-CJ   Chipper Jones – 25  
  A-CK   Clayton Kershaw – 50  
  A-DE   Dennis Eckersley – 50  
  A-DJ   Derek Jeter – 25  
  A-EC   Eric Chavez – 50  
  A-EL   Evan Longoria – 25  
  A-GK   Kevin Garnett – 25  
  A-GS   Grady Sizemore – 50  
  A-HP   Hunter Pence – 50  
  A-JC   Joe Carter – 45  
  A-JO   Jon Lester – 25  
  A-KG   Ken Griffey Jr. – 25  
  A-KU   Koji Uehara – 25  
  A-LA   Ryan Braun – 50  
  A-LJ   LeBron James – 25  
  A-MJ   Michael Jordan – 23  
  A-NR   Nolan Ryan – 25  
  A-OS   Ozzie Smith – 50  
  A-PF   Prince Fielder – 50  
  A-PM   Paul Molitor – 50  
  A-RB   Brooks Robinson – 50  
  A-RF   Rollie Fingers – 50  
  A-RH   Roy Halladay – 50  
  A-SD   Stephen Drew – 50  
  A-TG   Tony Gwynn – 25  
  A-WF   Whitey Ford – 25  
  A-YA   Kristi Yamaguchi – 49  
  A-ZG   Zack Greinke – 25 
Short prints on memorabilia cards with quantities of 100 copies or less are listed below:
 GCM-BB   Buffalo Bill Cody – 5  
  GCM-CU   Chase Utley – 100  
  GCM-DI   Joe DiMaggio – 20  
  GCM-JR   Jose Reyes – 100  
  GCM-KF   Kosuke Fukudome – 100  
  GCM-LY   Lyndon Johnson – 5  
  GCM-MJ   Michael Jordan – 50  
  GCM-PM   Paul Molitor – 15  
  GCM-TW   Ted Williams – 40 
“We’ve been very pleased with the performance of 2009 MLB Goodwin Champions,” said Gabriel Garcia, Upper Deck’s baseball brand manager. “We think collectors are going to fall in love with it all over again once the exchange cards for the Landmarks, Entomology and Thoroughbred cards when they start shipping out next month. Collectors have never seen anything like these and we know they will absolutely love them.”

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