Auction produces unique Ruth signed ball

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Collectors spend hours wading through boxes of books, old record players, glassware, old furniture and other uninteresting stuff, hoping to spot that one special item that makes a trip to the estate sale worthwhile.

For baseball memorabilia collectors in southern Minnesota, that day came over the weekend.  If you didn’t live near Mankato, you probably didn’t hear a thing about it.

A baseball, autographed by Babe Ruth, was on the block after being discovered among the belongings of an elderly woman who passed her possessions on to relatives ini Wisconsin.

It was no secret Ruth signed baseballthat the ball was worth something, so it was sent away to PSA/DNA for authentication. It came back genuine, but that was expected considering the family had the full story of how the woman’s husband had gotten the signature.

In fact, the story was that 10-year-old John Rudowsky had actually caught one of the Babe’s home run balls on a summer day in 1929 and had him sign it afterward.  There was even a scorecard from the game.

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