UD excited about new SP Threads Football set

Upper Deck recenetly announced the release of its 2009 SP Threads Football card set. The 260-card collection features the top NFL players as well as the top rookies from the 2009 NFL draft. As always, the “Rookie Autograph Letterman” insert collection remains the set’s key driver.
“Upper Deck created this product with the intention of meeting the demands of the current economy by delivering a high-quality product at an affordable price,” said Brandon Miller, Upper Deck’s Football brand manager. “We are especially proud of the fact that we are able to give everyone a chance to pull a Rookie Autograph Letterman card, whether they are casual or die-hard collectors. To be able to pull two autograph cards and three numbered memorabilia cards per box on average, helps to provide collectors with the value they are looking for when opening new products.”
Beyond spotlighting the top freshmen from this year’s draft, Upper Deck has included plenty of insert bells and whistles into its latest gridiron effort. Averaging two autograph cards per box, Upper Deck’s 2009 SP Threads Football set has something for every level of gridiron fan. In addition, each box averages three memorabilia cards that are now foil numbered.
One of the more popular inserts seeded within the set are the “SP Superstar Die-Cuts,” which features past, present, and future NFL stars such as Steve Young, Jerry Rice, Tom Brady, Adrian Peterson, and Peyton Manning. All of these players have an extremely rare autographed die-cut that is numbered to 1.
In order to cover the whole football field, Upper Deck has even included up to 100 NFL rookie cards featuring players like Mark Sanchez, Matthew Stafford and the recently signed Michael Crabtree.
Upper Deck’s 2009 SP Threads Football boasts five cards per pack, 16 packs per box. This product is now available.

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