Gauging values on 1952 Topps Mantle easier said than done

Any 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle card will find a buyer if priced reasonably enough. Even those that look like they’ve been run over by a bulldozer and tacked on the barn wall for 50 years sell.

Supply just doesn’t meet demand, even with the massive amount of publicity the card–and the set–has gotten over the last three decades. Still, you would think the economic slowdown over the last couple of years might have pushed prices lower and allowed those who’ve only dreamed of owning one to get in the game.  It’s true in some cases.  But for the most part, it’s not easy to pinpoint a lot of trends when it comes to one of the hobby’s biggest icons.

A check of selling prices over the last few years shows remarkable consistency in the prices attained on eBay and in major catalog auctions.


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