Father and son scoop up Gibson auction items

Chad and Doug Dreier of the Dreier Group paid $1.19 million for the five items, which included Gibson’s home run bat from Game 1 of the 1988 World Series ($575,912.40) and his game-worn jersey ($303,277.20), his batting helmet ($153,388.80), NL Most Valuable Player Award ($110,293.20) and World Series trophy ($45,578.40). Read More

Gibson Home Run Bat Sells for $575,912

The bat Kirk Gibson used to hit one of the most memorable home runs in baseball history sold for $575,912 early Sunday morning. The Gibson home run bat, which came in Game 1 of the 1988 World Series and propelled the Dodgers to an upset Series victory, was part of a collection of items consigned to SCP Auctions by the current Arizona Diamondbacks manager. Read More

Mets fire clubhouse manager amid allegations of stealing memorabilia

Charlie Samuels, the Mets clubhouse manager for 27 years, was fired by the team Nov. 11 amid allegations that he gambled with mobbed-up bookies, admitted to baseball officials that he bet on baseball, absconded with thousands of dollars worth of players’ memorabilia and made "loans" to himself from Mets accounts. Read More

Don West returns to the hobby

If you channel surfed in the wee hours of the morning during the mid or late-1990s, you couldn’t miss him.  Sandwiched between shows about jewelry and beauty products on Shop at Home Network was a husky voiced pitchman bellowing about the virtues of rookie cards and signed memorabilia.  It felt like even if you hit the mute button on your TV set, he’d still find a way to make you hear him.  If it was after midnight, Don West was on the air. Read More

Part III of Whats It Worth

Tuff Stuff’s new “What’s It Worth?” feature has returned. For several years our readers have asked us to evaluate their memorabilia because with the ever-changing economics of the hobby those prices are always fluxuating.
While our price guides remain the best source to get an accurate value for your sports cards, collectors wanted a reliable source to turn to to get the same type of dependable pricing for the other items in their collections. And now they have that source. Read More

Steiner set to kickoff first catalogue auction

An iconic 1936 Babe Ruth autographed baseball, also hand-signed by 18 players from the New York Giants team – including Carl Hubbell, Travis Jackson, Waite Hoyt, and Fred Fitzsimmons – is one of many can’t-miss artifacts available during  Steiner Sports Collectibles’ (www.steinersports.com) first-ever Catalogue Auction (November 17 and 18). Read More

Thats My Ticket now offering items from historic college games

Today, a new product line commemorating historical college sports events is being introduced. Made directly from authentic game tickets, Mega Tickets and Mini-Mega Tickets from That’s My Ticket provide fans with a new item to capture the memories of historic college championship events including the NCAA Men’s Final Four®, the NCAA College World Series®, the NCAA Frozen Four®, the Rose Bowl Game®, and more. Read More

Social networks can help you reach out to athletes

Those of us in the hunt for signed baseballs to add to our collection would love to set ourselves apart from the crowd.  We’d love to have the inside scoop to be able to get autographs easier. If you have wondered if there are things you can do to be ahead of the curve and get a piece of game worn memorabilia or an autograph without as much effort as the next guy, the answer is yes. Read More

Revisiting the card market and its many changes

It’d been more than 25 years since I’d purchased a pack of Topps from the local 7-11, torn open the wax paper and rifled through the cards to see if I’d hit the jackpot. Whatever else baseball cards represented to me and my pre-adolescent peers (badges of loyalty to certain players or teams; crib sheets of our heroes’ stats; facilitators of social interaction; bicycle-spoke noisemakers), they were also very much about money. Read More

Topps wants your vote for best card of all time

For 60 years, Topps has offered its collectors the best baseball cards in the world and now, the question will finally be addressed: What is the most popular Topps baseball card of all-time?  Today, The Topps Company, the leading creator and marketer of sports cards and the official baseball card company of Major League Baseball®, announced the company’s plans to let collectors answer that question in its efforts to determine the top 60 cards in its illustrious history.  Read More