Exciting new products coming from McFarlane

Very exciting news from our friends at McFarlane: Todd McFarlane has announced a new variation program called the McFarlane Collector Level. McFarlane reports the following:

“These new Collector Level figures will have tiers of production quantities:  Bronze, Silver, Gold, Premier, All-Star and MVP.  Depending upon the level and the production level and the production run, the highest we will produce of any one Collector Level figure is 2,000 and this number will go all the way down to our scarcest level (MVP) which we’ll produce somewhere between 1 and 50 of that figure.”

Here are the levels and the approximate numbers: 
Bronze     1,000 to 2,000
Silver            500 to 1,000
Gold                 250 – 500
Premier             100 – 250
All-Star               50 – 100
MVP                       1 – 50

In the past, McFarlane has tried a few of these types of player variations and they have been met with exceptional interest from collectors.  A Babe Ruth figure recently sold for $15,000 and a Teemu Selanne for $23,000. 

Collectors will not have to guess as to which figures will be part of the McFarlane Collector Level. On the back of each package in upcoming lines will be a chart listing the new Collector Level figures in each series. This will also include the quantity being produced of each player at the various “levels.” This will be a sort of “treasure map” for the Collector Level figures released in each series. 

Some highlights of the new Collector’s Level Program include the following.

All figures will be limited in production, sequentially numbered and may have features that distinguish them from standard figures. These figures will co-exist with the standard Classic Chase figures but will obviously be much more limited.  

Figures will include alternate uniforms, base variations, trophies, awards, accessories, possibly authentic player signatures, original or replica sports memorabilia or even pieces of actual uniforms or equipment.

This new program has really created a buzz among McFarlane collectors. The first two Collector Level figures have been already released at this time. They are from NHL 22. Shane Doan has been limited to approximately 2,000 and Martin Brodeur to 552. The Brodeur has been going for approximately $300 to $400 on eBay and the Doan sells for around $50 to $100. 

We will feature future releases, the buzz and pricing for the new Collector’s Level right here. Here’s to you finding that once-in a-lifetime figure. When you find that pot of gold at the end of the upside-down rainbow, it is such a great feeling. There is nothing like the thrill of the chase. Let us know at Tuff Stuff what you find out there and we will write about it.

McFarlane’s Cooperstown Collection

Every year, McFarlane’s Cooperstown Series is one of the most anticipated and best-selling series for McFarlane. The 2010 Cooperstown Series has just been announced by McFarlane and it doesn’t disappoint. The new Cooperstown Series consists of four new players and Babe Ruth in his famous called shot home run in the 1932 World Series. In addition to Ruth, the new players include Tony Gwynn, Joe Morgan, Thurman Munson and Carl Yastrzemski. 

The new Cooperstown Series will feature the first officially signed McFarlane piece signed by Tony Gwynn. It will be part of the Collector’s Series and be in the 50 to 100 All-Star Collector’s Level Range. Munson, Morgan and Ruth will also have special Collector’s Level figures.

Lou Gehrig will also be part of the series but only as a Collector’s Level Figure. Gehrig will be inserted randomly into cases. There will be approximately 1,000 to 2,000 individually numbered pieces of Lou Gehrig.  

We will feature future releases, the buzz and pricing for the new Collector’s Level right here so stay tuned. Here’s to you finding that once in a lifetime figure. When you find that pot of gold at the end of the upside-down rainbow, it is such a great feeling.  There is nothing like the thrill of the chase.  Let us know at Tuff Stuff what you find out there and we will spread the word.

Hartland News
Hartland ends another strong year with four new releases. Ty Cobb has been released in a sliding pose. Cobb is limited and numbered to only 100 made. It comes with the traditional Hartland tag and certificate.

For the Collector’s Club, Walter Johnson has been produced. This edition size is limited to the number of members in the Hartland Collector’s Club. Each member gets his or her own individual number. There is a fee to join the collector’s club but then each Collector’s Club figure is free to its members.

In the popular Hartland Negro League Series, Art Pennington has been produced in his Chicago American Giants. All of the Pennington figures are signed, numbered and limited to 100.

Finally, Hartland has produced a Gnome figure as the fourth Figure in their annual Christmas Figure. The Gnome is limited and numbered to 100. 

These tiny editions are sure to add to collector value and scarcity of product in years to come. You can place orders at www.hartlandllc.com. SCM

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