Hockey Market Report 2

The prices for 2005-06 Upper Deck The Cup continue to amaze, as rookies and unopened product remain among the most active in the hobby.

The Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin rookie patch autographs are the cornerstones of the product and are on the rise this month. Both the Crosby and Ovechkin rookie patch autographs are limited to only 99 cards, and the limited supply is driving their prices up to astronomical levels, with the Crosby jumping to an amazing $5,000 and the Ovechkin rising to an incredible $4,000.

Hot activity isn’t limited to Ovechkin and Crosby, as demand for UD The Cup rookies is strong across the board. Several other rookies are on the rise this month, as Gilbert Brule’s rookie patch autograph #107 jumps to $600 and Thomas Vanek’s rookie patch autograph moving up to $500 to name a few. The Signature Patches, Scripted Swatches, Honorable Numbers and Platinum Rookies are all garnering attention from collectors. Many of the Honorable Numbers patch autographs are on the rise with the Crosby (limited to 87) jumping to $600 and Martin Brodeur (30) jumping to $275 to name a few. Unopened tins are also getting tough to find, as sealed tins are retailing around $500, well over the SRP.

SPX was one of last year’s top hockey products and early reports have this year’s edition off to a blazing start. The highlight of the product is Evgeni Malkin’s first rookie jersey autograph to hit the market. Limited to 799 cards, activity has been fast and furious as early sales have been hovering between $350-$400. The next hottest card from the product is another Pittsburgh Penguin rookie with early sales for Jordan Staal’s first rookie jersey autograph hovering around $200. Demand for the one per box rookie jersey autographs has fueled sales as packs are selling for $8 with boxes retailing around $120.

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