Promotional Partners Worldwide Unveils New Collectible

Promotional Partners Worldwide has secured the rights to produce licensed miniature Mr. Potato Heads emblazoned with the logos of MLB, NBA and NHL teams for retail sales. Under a license secured from Hasbro PPW will manufacture and market Mr. Potato Head Sports Spuds, featuring customized team jerseys and a collection of interchangeable components specific to each sport. The three sports leagues have each issued a license to co-brand the six-inch collectible.

PPW first introduced the Mr. Potato Head Sports Spuds as a promotional giveaway at a Detroit Pistons game in 2005. To date, the company has provided customized product for giveaways by more than 50 major and minor league teams in multiple sports. The six-inch molded plastic spud wears a team jersey and has multiple choices of shoes, fun faces, hairstyles, and applicable sports paraphernalia, including baseballs, mitts, bats, pucks, hockey sticks, basketballs and more.

Mr. Potato Head Sports Spuds will debut in stores in time for the holiday season. The products are expected to be available at specialty retail and sporting goods stores, as well as team shops. For more information, go to

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