Online Price Guide FAQ

If you are having trouble accessing the Tuff Stuff Online Price Guide, read below to see if you can identify your problem:

The username of singlecopy and its password are not working. What’s wrong?
1) Make sure you have the correct month’s password. The magazine comes out a week or two before its cover date. So if it’s not the 1st of the month of the cover date, find the current month’s password, also located on Page 6 of every issue.
2) Make sure you type "singlecopy" as one word, all lower case (and without the quote marks), and type the password as one word, all lower case.
3) If you are not an annual subscriber, you must use the username of "singlecopy" and its monthly code to reach the price guides. Registering will not give you access to the price guides unless you are a subscriber.
4) If you are not a subscriber, don’t sign in with any other username/password except singlecopy and its monthly password. That is the only way you can reach the price guide.

I am a subscriber. How can I get the site to recognize me?
The easiest way is to enter your subscriber number at the time of registering. It’s on the second stage of registration. If you have a username/password but never entered your subscriber number, you can access your profile again by signing in, then clicking on your username (it will appear directly to the left of the "Logout" button).

After I sign in (with singlecopy or your own subscriber username), where do I go?
There are Price Guide buttons/links on the left-hand side of the page, at the bottom left of the page, and at the top banner. Click on any of them, then click on "read more" at the bottom of the next page.

I’m a subscriber and I did put in my subscriber number, and I still can’t get to the price guide. What do I do?
For a short-term fix, log out and log back in using using the singlecopy username and password. Then send an email to and let us know that you’re having trouble and we’ll start to work on the larger problem. In that email, include your username and password, and your subscriber number.

I can see the list of price guides, but nothing happens when I click on one. Where did it go?
First, try to right-click on the one you want, and choose "download file" or "save file as" or a similar option. Your computer might also simply put the file into your default download folder, which for many people is their desktop, so check your desktop to see if it landed there. All price guide files will end with .pdf. They are Adobe Acrobat PDFs and are the most common type of file delivery on the Internet.

My computer says it can’t open the file. What’s wrong?
You need to put Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer. It’s free. You can get it here:

You need a new version of the Adobe Reader to read the files; versions 4 and older will need to be updated to a newer version.

How long will it take to download these files?
Just a few seconds on broadband and faster connections, but dialup could be 10-12 minutes for the larger price guides like Baseball Cards.

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