McFarlane Announces New Figure Set

McFarlane has really loaded up the releases for the fall season. After kicking off with its very popular NFL Legends Series, McFarlane has come out with several other new football products as well.

First out of the tunnel are McFarlane’s second round of NFL Team Sets. Last year, McFarlane produced the Broncos, Bears, Giants and Cowboys. It may be hard to top this year’s group. Led by the record-setting New England Patriots, McFarlane also produced the Pittsburgh Steelers, Green Bay Packers and the Oakland Raiders, all fan favorites. Don’t look for these to last long at retail. It is a neat concept to come out with four teams per year until all of the teams have been done.  It will be a nice collection. 

Second onto the field are two new special collector’s editions of Brett Favre and Terrell Owens. Favre is featured standing in front of the bench with his famous tassel cap. It should be a fond farewell piece for Packer fans. T.O. is featured sitting on the Cowboy bench with a big smile on his face.

Last is the first wave of the 2008 NFL McFarlane individual players. Wave 1 has Favre 5, Tony Romo 2, Willie Parker, JaMarcus Russell, Randy Moss 5, Reggie Bush 2, and Joseph Addai. All players have the new subtle variations that are nearly impossible for a collector to discover on their own. (This column is becoming one of the only sources in the hobby for information on variants).

This year’s variants include  Moss with red armbands, Parker with black wrist tape, Bush with clean pants, Addai with grass stains, Favre missing the captain’s patch, Romo with clean pants, and JaMarcus Russell with clean pants. Case packs now consist of eight players in a case. It’s nice that every case has a complete set of seven with an extra Romo.

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