Beat The Blogger Contest To Offer Twice The Prizes

A minor format change helped Tuff Stuff’s Beat The Blogger game post a record turnout last week, and now contest organizers are looking to up the anty with the prizes awarded to the winners. Starting this week, the prize given to each weekly winner will be determined by the number of entries. For example, the contest typically produces approximately 50-75 weekly participants with the prize being (1) 8-by-10 signed photo. If we can push those numbers up to 100, the prize will (2) 8-by-10s. For every additional 50 participants after that, I’ll add an additional photo. So everybody spread the word about the contest to your friends and co-workers so we can boost up the prize package. It’s fun, it’s easy to play and best of all, it’s free.

The concept is simple: Each week The Blogger posts 10 games and their corresponding point spreads. From there, you pick your winners factoring in those point spreads and sit back and secontest.jpge how many picks you got correct. If your total is higher than the Blogger’s and is the highest among all of the other entries, you win an authentic signed 8-by-10 photo featuring stars such as LaDainian Tomlinson (photo at right), Gale Sayers, Drew Brees, Marshall Faulk, Santonio Holmes, DeAngelo Williams and others.

While the game has only consisted of NFL matchups in the past, the new version features NBA games, College Basketball, NHL and basically anything else you can wager on. The other new twist is that the game will feature only 10 matchups each week. But of these 10 matchups you can designate one matchup as your "Doubler" with that matchup earning you a bonus point if picked correctly. So if for example you pick eight games correct but one is your "Doubler" you would score a nine for the week. Just remember to designate your "Doubler" or you won’t receive the bonus point. The other new feature will be if any player can pick all 10 games correctly (plus "Doubler," they will win two authentic signed 8-by-10 photos. 

Each Thursday that week’s Beat The Blogger matchups will be posted on the 7th Inning Stretch Blogzone. I will always list the start time of the first game of the week so remember to get your selections posted 1/2-prior to the start of the first game to be eligible to win. Then check back to see how you did and if you were able to Beat The Blogger and win.

To enter now, click here.

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