Tristar finally persuades Meredith to sign at a show

Don Meredith was the quarterback who led the Cowboys from the bumbling days of their infancy into their competitive days of the mid-1960s. After retiring, he became “Dandy Don,” the entertaining color commentator on “Monday Night Football.” His southern drawl and sense of humor made him a perfect foil to Howard Cosell.

As gregarious as Meredith seems, he has avoided the autograph show circuit in the the years following his retirement, until now. At Tristar Productions’ Dec. 1-3 show in Secaucus, N.J., he makes his first public autograph appearance (see for details).

The price of Meredith’s autograph will be $99 for any item, according to Tristar’s Bobby Mintz. “There’s a lot of demand for his autograph,” he says. “We’ve been besieged by requests from people who collect signatures of high-end quarterbacks.”

Why did Meredith decide to do a show now, after avoiding the show circuit for so long? “Contemporaries that he respects, like Bart Starr, are comfortable doing shows, so that’s helped Don make the decision,” Mintz said.
– Larry Canale

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