SA·GE will again feature plenty of autographs throughout its three products – Hit (late April), Aspire (mid-May) and Autographed (late May) – along with the popular Title Ticket insert from last year. The 2007 version is now called Date and Place and contains items from the BCS games and includes many different variations.

Ticket stub swatches, program cover swatches, autographed ticket swatches and a combo ticket and program swatch cards are all a part of the Date and Place insert.

A new feature in all of the SA·GE products will be the Draft Diary insert. The top three players in the draft, including Brady Quinn and JaMarcus Russell, with each player writing a diary. There will be six diaries written by each player on subjects such as their college experience, the NFL combine, working out for the NFL teams and getting drafted. The first two diary topics will be included in HIT and then two new diary topics in Aspire and the last two in SA·GE autographed.

“Being collectors ourselves, we’re always striving to make the collecting experience as satisfying as possible,” said Tom Geideman, president of SA•GE Collectibles. “We’ve taken the actual letters written by the athletes and are cutting them up to create Draft Diary swatch cards, sequentially numbered to 50.”

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