Football Market Report

Now that the regular season is over, we can start to take a look back and see which players did the most on the field to get collectors interested in their cards.

LaDainian Tomlinson’s rookie cards were valued fairly high before the season started. He exploded in the second half, and broke the record for the most TDs scored in a season.

Once again this month, some of his key rookie cards are on the rise. His 2001 Playoff Contenders (No. 150) is up $25, resting at $550. His 2001 SP Authentic (No. 120) is up $50, resting at $600.

The Drew Brees bandwagon is also picking up steam. Brees led the Saints to the playoffs this season, one season after the team finished 3-13. Brees’ 2001 Playoff Contenders (No. 124) is up $50 this month, and is priced at $150. His 2001 SP Authentic (No. 101) is up $40, settling at $100.

Rex Grossman started out the season on fire, but soon after, he looked just plain awful. His rookie cards were the hottest around early on, but despite a strong season for the Bears, demand for Grossman’s cards cooled rather quickly.

Once Tony Romo took over the starting QB job in Dallas, everyone was after his rookie cards. The fact that there were only a few rookie cards for him pushed up the values for those rather fast. Romo’s rookie cards are still popular, but they have leveled off after he struggled down the stretch.

Devin Hester’s special teams play has helped push up interest in his rookie cards. His 2006 cards are up across the board, especially his autograph cards. Hester’s card jumps are as follows: Absolute Memorabilia (No. 239) up to $30; Donruss Elite (No. 142) up to $10; Donruss Threads Rookie Signatures (No. 171) up to $60; Topps Draft Picks & Prospects Class Marks Autographs (No. CMDHE) up to $30; Topps Chrome Rookie Autographs (No. 252) up to $40; and Topps Total Signatures (No. TSDH) up to $40.

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