Donruss gives away 100,000 packs at Thanksgiving NFL games

As part of an initiative aimed at promoting football cards during the NFL’s three games on Thanksgiving Day, Donruss Playoff distributed nearly 100,000 packs of its football cards at stadiums in Detroit, Dallas and Kansas City.

In each city, six-card packs featuring stars from the host teams were distributed, primarily to youngsters. In Detroit, former Lions great Billy Sims handed out packs to youngsters at a tailgate party sponsored by the Lions. In Dallas, team officials distributed packs to fans as they enter the stadium. The packs in Dallas included an informational card promoting the Salvation Army’s national red kettle fund-raising campaign. In Kansas City, roughly 25,000 packs were distributed to fans as they entered the stadium.

All packs contain five current stars for the respective teams and one retired star (Sims in the Detroit packs, Tony Dorsett for Dallas packs and Marcus Allen for the Kansas City packs).

The company also used a variety of TV and radio appearances prior to the games to get the word out about football cards. Sims made appearances on ESPN’s “Cold Pizza,” ESPN News, ESPN shows “The Hotlist” and “The Pulse,” and other major media outlets in Dallas, Atlanta, Detroit and Philadelphia. “He also appeared on more than 10 other national TV broadcasts and several national radio broadcasts, including ESPN Radio and the Jim Rome radio program,” said Donruss Playoff’s Scott Prusha.

“We are still getting results in, but the promotion was a huge success,” Prusha said. “This was the first national promotion done on Thanksgiving Day and we are excited at what we were able to acheive. We distributed over 100,000 packs of cards at all three stadiums and we have heard nothing but good things from the teams and fans that got the cards. We plan to build on this year’s success and help the category grow on this highly visible family day.”

Donruss Playoff also launched a free online game in association with the card giveway. The “Advergame” launched on DP’s website and, which sent an e-mail blast to more than 1 million registered users. The game, “Two-Minute Drill,” is produced by Blockdot, a leading producer and provider of casual games and company-sponsored Advergames. “Two-Minute Drill” is a trivia-based online card game based on actual NFL player stats. Players start on their own 20-yard line, with two minutes left in the game. They must correctly answer trivia questions to go the remaining 80 yards needed to score a touchdown and win the game

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