Social networks can help you reach out to athletes

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Those of us in the hunt for signed baseballs to add to our collection would love to set ourselves apart from the crowd.  We’d love to have the inside scoop to be able to get autographs easier. If you have wondered if there are things you can do to be ahead of the curve and get a piece of game worn memorabilia or an autograph without as much effort as the next guy, the answer is yes.

The Internet has really made it easier for the baseball fan and baseball collector to be able to get close to players. Facebook and Twitter are a perfect example of such things. There are many baseball players who have accounts like these and they use them to communicate with their fans. In addition, baseball teams themselves have social network accounts.

If you currently have social networking accounts and want to get ahead of most fans, I advise that you look to become ‘fans’ or ‘friends’ of these teams and players. A lot of the times, teams give information on upcoming signing events or other types of gatherings that you can attend to try and get autographs. The advantage of knowing these things in advance is that a lot of times these events require people to sign up in advance, and you can use this knowledge to sign up early, guaranteeing you don’t miss out on the opportunity.

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