Tristar reducing show schedule in 2007

Tristar Productions’ next show is Feb. 23-25 at the Cow Palace in San Francisco. The only other 2007 shows currently scheduled by Tristar are June 1-3 in Houston and Labor Day weekend in San Francisco.

In recent years, Tristar announced its show dates up to a year in advance. With only three shows in place at this point, speculation remains that Tristar will dramatically reduce its show total in 2007, but company president Jeff Rosenberg says that isn’t necessarily the case.

“We have not made a lot of (show) commitments for 2007 yet,” Rosenberg said. “Shows have to be a win-win situation. Dealers have to be happy, and collectors have to be happy. So, we’re not going to announce our show schedule a year out. We won’t announce a show until we’re sure we can bring the right mix of athletes and dealers for the consumers. In the past, we’ve announced a show (date) and then put the pieces in place for that show. Now, we’re going to put those pieces in place, and then will announce the show. It’s just a different approach, a different strategy.”

Rosenberg said Tristar is still considering new show markets for 2007 and 2008, though none have been confirmed. He also said theme-related shows are being considered.

“We’re not going to put on a show just to have a show. It will have to be a great opportunity, a great show,” he said.

Rosenberg and Tristar vice-president Mandy Fuerst were recently in Cleveland, along with other executives from the National Sports Collectors Convention, which will be held in the Ohio city this summer. This will be the second year Tristar has run the autograph portion of the National. Rosenberg said he plans to produce a better autograph pavilion than in 2006, with perhaps as many as 100 autograph guests.

“The National is like doing three shows for us. It really takes a lot of work,” Rosenberg said.
Ross Forman

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