Topps set to unveil Strasburg rookie card June 9

To celebrate MLB Rookie phenom Stephen Strasburg’s major league debut, Topps has announced that Strasburg’s first ever MLB rookie card will be made available exclusively online via <> immediately following his first pitch in the big leagues.
In an effort to capture this special moment in a timely fashion and give sports fans around the world an opportunity to collect this treasured card, during Strasburg’s very first MLB game on June 8, collectors visiting <>  with a code card found in Topps Series 1 or Topps Series 2 baseball will have a chance to unlock this special card.   Strasburg’s Topps rookie card will contain the photo of his very first pitch in the Major Leagues and will be issued in very limited quantities.
"Topps has a long history of creating memorable and valuable cards featuring the games great rookie stars, from Mickey Mantle to Nolan Ryan to Cal Ripken, Jr. to Albert Pujols. We expect Stephen Strasburg’s rookie card to follow in similar fashion", said Warren Friss, Topps GM of Sports & Entertainment. "Our enormously successful online Million Card Giveaway provides us a unique platform to capture and deliver Stephen’s first MLB rookie card in an unprecedented and incredibly timely fashion. Before Stephen even hits the showers, the very first Strasburg rookie card will likely be owned by at least one lucky collector."
Last year Topps announced an exclusive multi-year deal with Strasburg granting Topps exclusive rights for autographed cards, game-used memorabilia cards and the use of Strasburg’s image on packaging and advertising.  Topps will also offer a limited edition line of autographed memorabilia items.  
In addition, Strasburg rookie cards will appear in the remainder of Topps 2010 baseball products starting with the release of Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball.
Topps is the first exclusive baseball card company of Major League Baseball in nearly 30 years.  The company looks to expand its ongoing efforts to invigorate the category, continue launching ground-breaking products, improve the retail and collecting experience and make cards more relevant to children and young adults.

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