Football card market enjoying upswing

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By Craig Paulson

The 2010 football card market is enjoying a resurgence, both in sales and in interest, at least compared with recent years. This year’s product, at least so far, appears to be a hit both with the consumer/collector as well as within the hobby itself.

2010 Topps Platinum, a specific card set is driven by it’s rookie cards. A look back at some of football’s most popular sets shows this to be true; Joe Namath, ‘65 Topps; Terry Bradshaw and Mean Joe Greene, ‘71 Topps; Dan Marino and John Elway, ‘84 Topps are only a few examples.

The 2010 rookie class is loaded with several big name quarterbacks, football’s glamour position. Sam Bradford, Tim Tebow, Colt McCoy and Jimmy Clausen all got lots of attention with Bradford already looking like a future star in the league. But a great scouting report doesn’t guarantee stardom, as anyone who bought Ryan Leaf, Todd Marinovich, David Carr and Tim Couch can attest.

For an investor, stockpiling rookie cards is obviously a risky game. Timing is all-important, again, just as in the stock market. But it’s not only the QB’s that are making headlines in the 2010 class.

DT’s Ndamukong Suh and Gerald McCoy are both playing up to expectations to this point and barring injury, should be stars, ditto for DB Eric Berry, who has quickly become a standout with Kansas City, the NFL’s early-season surprise team.

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