New film could lead to new demand for ABA items

Will Ferrell’s new film “Semi-Pro,” which opens Friday, is a story about a fictional team in the old American Basketball Association. The film is likely to bring about a new appreciation for the former pro league, which already enjoys a devoted following among a group of collectors who value any of the scarce items that appear in today’s auctions.
“There’s a cult following,” said veteran hobbyist Clay Shampoe, who runs a website devoted to the ABA’s Virginia Squires. “You see it when you try to find something on eBay. It’s just astronomical what things go for.”
Game-used basketballs from the league sell for $1,600-$1,800 in auctions. Game-used jerseys are coveted because of their scarcity. A game-used Julius Erving New Jersey Nets jersey sold for $141,927 at a Grey Flannel Auctions sale in 2006.

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