Free First Pricing: 2007 UD Ultimate Collection Baseball

The following is the latest Free First Pricing for UD Ultimate Collection Baseball courtesy of Tuff Stuff magazine and Please continue to check for more free set pricing in the days to come.
2006 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection
Set size: 200
Pack Price: $125
Pack/Case: 4 cards/pack, 4 packs/box; 4 boxes/case
Ship Date: Dec. 12
Product breakdown: 200 base set; 90 card Ultimate Rookie Signatures numbered to 180; Game-Used and autographed cards combine for 1:box; Ultimate Game Materials: numbered to 50; Ultimate Game Materials parallel: numbered to 30; Ultimate Numbers Materials: numbered to 35; Ultimate Tandem Materials:numbered to 25; Ultimate Ensemble Materials 3: numered to 25; Ultimate Ensemble Materials 4: numbered to 20; Ultimate Maximum Materials: numbered to 25; Ultimate Patch: numbered to 50; Ultimate Patch parallel: numbered to 25
Ultimate Bonus Pack: 1:1 plate card or Legendary Material Card inserted one per box
Highlights: Each box will receive on average: 1 Rookie Signature numbered to 180; 1 Triple, Quad, 5, 6 or 8 signature card numbered to 50 or less or an Autographed dual card numbered to 35 or less; 1 Dual, Triple or Quadruple memorabilia card numbered 50 or less; 1 Dual, Triple or Quadruple game-used patch card numbered to 50 or less per box
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