Bonds buying, saving his own memorabilia

One of the most avid buyers of Barry Bonds game-used memorabilia is…Bonds himself. According to a story on, Bonds spends “thousands of dollars every season” buying uniforms, caps, wristbands and more that he uses on the field.

“I pay for everything I wear out of my pocket except for my shoes; I have a contract for that,” Bonds told the website, adding that he writes out a check to the Giants every year to pay for his equipment.

Bonds said somewhere around the time he hit his 600th career home run (Aug. 9, 2002) he began authenticating everything he wears from each home run and stores the items in his home. Items from key moments in his career go on display in a special climate-controlled trophy room in his house. Bonds said items from his 756th career home run will be on display in that room, right next to a display featuring items from his 715th career home run that put him ahead of Babe Ruth on baseball’s all-time home run list.

While game-used Bonds uniforms can sell for more than $10,000 each, he told he pays closer to $100 per jersey. “It’s not like we have to pay full price,” he said.

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