1958 Set To Be The Inspiration For 2007 Topps Heritage

The 1958 Topps Baseball design will be resurrected for the 2007 Topps Heritage Baseball product, which ships the week of Feb. 26.

The Heritage franchise has been a dramatic success story for Topps virtually from the moment it began in 2001, launching in a design that neatly matched Topps’ classic 1952 issue. Following the year-to-year format, Topps Heritage has been a hobby favorite over that span, in large part because of the company’s ability to catch some of the charming nuances of the originals.

“This year, even more than in previous years, we really dug down deep into the uniqueness of the photo selections and the color changes,” said Topps’ Clay Luraschi. Among the other ingredients that are similar to the original issue will be “combo” cards, yellow-letter and team-name variations, and 21 “All-Star” cards.

As has been the case in the previous half-dozen Heritage sets, there will be the short-printed cards once again. The modern era will be reflected with such ingredients as Black-Bordered, Refractor and Chrome parallels, Relic cards and autographs.

The 495-card base set showcases veterans, rookies, All-Star cards, combos, managers and team photos. Meanwhile, the insert sets will be led by the 42-card 1958 A.L. Home Run Champion, Then and Now, Flashbacks and Alex Rodriguez Road to 500. Topps will also feature 107 subjects on five autograph inserts, including Real One, Flashbacks, 1958 Cut Signatures and A-Rod Road to 500. Meanwhile, 84 subjects will be showcased on Relic card inserts – Clubhouse Collection, Clubhouse Collection Dual Relics, Flashbacks and Dual Flashbacks. In addition, Autographed Relic cards will boast 11 subjects – six from Clubhouse Collection and five from Flashbacks.

To mark the 50th anniversary of the final season in New York for the Dodgers and Giants, Topps officials have created Relic cards with slivers of seats from the Polo Grounds, Ebbets Field and even Seals Stadium in San Francisco, the club’s home for two seasons after its arrival from New York.

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