Yankee Stadium Memorabilia Will Find Buyers

I have the opportunity on May 20 to intervuiew Brandon Steiner, founder of Steiner Sports. Currently, the company is making huge waves as the sole provider of Yankee Stadium memorabilia thanks to an agreement with the Yankees.

Currently, Steiner is offering stadium seats, sod from the field, infield dirt, stadium signs, turnstiles, lockers and autographed photos featuring many of those who made the stadium famous over the course of its history.

Some online articles and blogs have suggested that offering dirt is ridiculous and a waste of money. I disagree. People want a part of the most famous stadium in the world. If that means it’s a test tube full of dirt (that’s not how it’s presented, obviously), so be it.

A few years ago, when they replaced the sod at Lambeau field in conjunction with the stadium renovation they iffered chunks of it in a box and fan bought it like it was a winning lottery ticket.

It’s genius really. There’s tons of it, literally, and collectors want it. It’s affordable and can serve a wide range of fans.

But I’ll ask Brandon about it, the response to the entire auctions and promotions the company is hosting surrounding Yankee Stadium and post some of his comments here.

Until then, I’m going to clear away seom of my lawn and see if I can’t grow that beautiful Yankee Stadium turf.

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