Why Not Open an NCAA Store?

Well, I made it through day one of the NCAA tournament and managed to not spend so much time checking scores as to jeopardize my job. However, being in the sports department, I can just say I’m doing research on the next big basketball star and projecting the value of his future collectibles. Or something like that.

The tournament is just fun to watch – just like the College Baseball World Series. There’s something about college athletics that seems so much more fun. There isn’t the me-first attitude that exists in pro sports – at least not as much. That makes me wonder why there’s isn’t more collegiate material in the collectibles market. This is when the “stars” are first coming on the scene. These would be even better than minor league collectibles in baseball.

If the NCAA is concerned about money – and the NCAA tournament is a perfect example of yes, indeed, they are – then why not? While some college stuff is available, why couldn’t the NCAA control the content and offer it through its own store. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a Blake Griffin game-used jersey or some autographed shoes?

It’s an option – something I was thinking about while “working” this afternoon.   

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