When Fantasy Meets the WBC

I’m off to a fantasy baseball event run by our company this weekend to run draft boards and other duties. If you think you’re into fantasy sports, then why not join sometime? The average entry fee, I believe, is $650, with some drafts $1,250. Of course the rewards (up to $100,000) are pretty nice, too.

I don’t know about anyone else, but if I’m paying that kind of scratch, I don’t think I could watch baseball during the season. Baseball is one fantasy sport where you can be out in a hurry, so the first few months would be brutal. It would ruin the great game of baseball for me.

What would be better is a fantasy league based on the World Baseball Classic. The games don’t count if you’re a fan of a particular MLB team and then you can enjoy the rest of the season when the real games start. Plus, it lasts only three weeks, so it’s quick and easy.

Taking some of the major league studs who are batting .500 right now with four home runs would be fun as they hit against some of these countries that are trotting out Double AA pitchers or those who haven’ even made it that far. One team had a 19-year-old that played with Ivan Rodiguez’s kid in a Miami high school game last year. He was pretty good, but he’s no Johan Santana.

And even though I can’t stand how Japanese players hit (bailing out of the box with every pitch), when they do make contact, it usually works out. I’d have a few of those players on my team.

Pitching would be difficult with the pitch count limits, but you could just expand the rosters a bit.

It’s a perfect way to get the fantasy juices rolling before the MLB season begins. Now would I pay $1,250 for a WBC fantasy season? Nah….  

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