Trick or Treat – Smell My Feet

While I am far too old to be trick or treating, I do enjoy handing out the goods at the door when the witching hour calls. And while I could devote this entire blog to kids lack of costume originality these days (if they dress up at all), I’ll refrain.

What I also hand out aside from candy are sports cards to the kids. These are usually single cards (not whole packs), but kids don’t seem to mind. I ask them what their favorite sport is and then their favorite player. If I have one, I’ll give it to them, or I’ll let them sift through and pick their own.

And all kinds of cards are popular. From racing cards to WNBA cards, they are all well received, and not once has someone complained I wasn’t offering patch cards or autographed cards.  I do slip some of those in, and then the kids are really happy.

Most of the kids that come to the door are on the younger side (not above age 11), and I think it’s great to expose them to the hobby. Now that I have been in the area for a few years, kids now come to the door expecting the cards  and a few (though not many) share what they have opened on their own.

So give this a try this Halloween. It’s a lot more fun than tossing a Twix mini candy bar in the bag and off they go. With cards, now we’ll have something to talk about when they ride their bikes around the neighborhood while I’m walking the dog.

One thought on “Trick or Treat – Smell My Feet

  1. brett on said:

    That’s another great idea to help get the kids interested in cards. One thing that made me laugh was the inclusion of bikes and cards in the same sentence. As kids we used to take the cards and closepin them near the spokes of the bike to make a motorcycle sound . Lets hope you don’t see that as you walk the dog! I wonder if kids still do that? As long as people keep trying to get kids into collecting the hobby will survive,Brett

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