Trading Cards Get Attention at MLB Ballparks

I managed to attend my first MLB game of the year last night, a poorly pitched affair between the Cincinnati Reds and the Milwaukee Brewers. It was cold, rainy – but that’s why there is a roof in Wisconsin. There’s a game played no matter what it’s doing outside.

While I walked around some of the new features, which included a new fan store, I was struck by how much I was seeing Topps and Upper Deck in and around the stadium. It started with racks of packs in the team store, and another box of Topps Attax by the checkout counter.

Before the game started, there was an announcement that if a certain player got a hit or home run (I don’t remember which) a section in the stands would receive a pack of cards from Upper Deck.

When the lineup was introduced, it was “brought to you by Topps.” Each time a player came to bat during the game, a digital card was displayed on the outfield wall with the Topps name prominently displayed.

Perhaps I’m more aware of the names and the trading card angle in this profession, but if anyone says the card companies are non-existent at ballparks, they’re wrong – at least in Milwaukee.

Now did this translate into sales? I can’t say for certain, and I didn’t see any kids flashing the cards around in the stands or the concourses, but the option is there, which is a good thing.

I remember going to Single-A games as a kid and visiting the “fan shop,” which consisted if a small booth with glass taller than me so that I would smudge the glass with my nose. I would get some mini helmets and a few packs of cards, which were always right in front to entice me.

Kids can’t smudge their faces staring at cards at Miller Park, but at least they can get some cards.  

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