The Pro Bowl Cometh – With Cards

Donruss has created a limited-edition card set that will be distributed to VIPs and fans in attendance at the events surrounding this weekend’s Pro Bowl. Donruss is one of the official sponsors of the 2009 NFL Pro Bowl.

PB_Fitzgerald.jpgThe set features three veterans and two key rookies from both the NFC and AFC. The veterans are pictured in official Pro Bowl uniforms from year’s past, while the rookies are featured in their official NFL uniforms. All cards contain the official 2009 NFL Pro Bowl logo.

The AFC players are Peyton Manning, LaDainian Tomlinson, Andre Johnson and rookies Chris Johnson and Joe Flacco.

The NFC players are Drew Brees, Adrian Peterson and Larry Fitzgerald and rookies Matt Ryan and Matt Forte.

Pro Bowl Thoughts
So, what does everyone think of the Pro Bowl? The All-Star event for the NFL seems to take a back seat to every other sport’s All-Star game. It’s played after the season (though that will change next year when it’s done before the Super Bowl) and it’s an event that many of the players who have made multiple appearances decline to attend (Favre, among others). I thought Hawaii would be nice, but perhaps the plane flight is too much.

It’s on the mainland next year, so maybe that will bring in some of the stars (minus those playing in the Super Bowl, of course).

Regardless, you can swoop in and get the cards of the 2008 studs in football, which is a nice recap set for the season.

With news of the NBA cards being reduced, it’s nice to see there are still plenty of options with football cards. 

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