Sports Picks Show NFL Stars in College Duds

There’s something about getting NFL players in their college uniforms that is unique – kind of like those variant jerseys teams wear, but better. That said, I think the latest news from McFarlane Toys is kinda cool.   


McFarlane’s new 2009 College Football line will spotlight current NFL players in their college uniforms.
The 2009 College Football line marks the first time college sports have been commemorated in McFarlane Sports Picks action figures.
McFarlane Toys has worked through The Collegiate Licensing Company, an IMG company, to license its 2009 College Football line, which will feature 6-inch scale figures of six pro football superstars in their school’s home uniform:

  • Tom Brady – Michigan
  • Ray Lewis – Miami
  • Peyton Manning – Tennessee
  • Adrian Peterson – Oklahoma
  • Hines Ward – Georgia
  • JaMarcus Russell – Louisiana State

Todd McFarlane had this to say about the line: “Sports fans have been asking us for years to pay tribute to the college teams of the top professional athletes by commemorating them in their college uniforms,” said Todd McFarlane, founder of McFarlane Toys.  “By partnering with the CLC and the colleges, we are now able to bring a new dimension to our Sports Picks’ brand. We are designing a unique player-centric collegiate product that is different from anything else on the market.”  
These are scheduled to be in stores in August.

I like this idea a lot, as I’m a fan of “retro” wear. I’m not sure the world needs a JaMarcus Russell LSU jersey, however. Didn’t he graduate about two years ago to a lot of fanfare with not much to show for it with the Raiders thus far?

When will Bo Jackson, Hershel Walkers and John Elway appear in their college uniforms? 

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