Sports Museum of L.A. to Open Nov. 28

I love museums – always have, always will. There’s something about seeing items from the past, whether it’s dinosaur bones or how they made houses in Germany in the 1700s. I like to get lost in those past times and I can spend hours in a museum.

So I’m intrigued with the news that the Sports Museum of L.A. is opening next week. You can read about the museum HERE.

This Sports Museum of LA. was created by a businessman named Gary Cypres. He been amassing a collection that can probably rival anyone’s in the world, and it tops 10,000 items. Now you say, what kind of items? Well, many Ruth materials, artifacts from sports that date back to the 1800s, etc. He’s got a lot and most of it is the auction-house variety.

Now my question is, will people pay to see sports collectibles on display and learn about the histories of sports at the same time? Museums are notorious for not making much money and needing public funds to stay afloat. Personally, I think of this museum like the Baseball Hall of Fame, but it covers a lot of other sports. I would certainly pay to get in and see it.

My hope is that being in Los Angles, with a hefty population in reach, and some good marketing moves by hosting fund-raising events, auctions, etc., this museum will succeed. With the material it boasts, it should

Check out the museum’s website and see for yourself.

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