Someone Sneezed in NY – It's News

Sometimes the news from the East Coast cracks me up. Not only is any hang nail that affects the Yankees or Red Sox the most pressing news of the day, but the sensationalism is just too much.

Derek Jeter just set the record for hits in Yankee Stadium. So? You bet some great players have played on those “hallowed” grounds, but why is this such big news on ESPN, etc? Sure, the stadium is being torn down after this year, but this statistic – in general – seems pointless to me.

Team records are fine and dandy to keep track of. But stadium records that stray from first home run, first no-hitter, etc., aren’t fodder for headlines.

The Yankees are out of the playoff hunt, their stadium is being torn down and now it won’t get the press it deserves as the season winds down. Baloney – I’m sure there are many specials in the works for those last few games so everyone and their grandmother can learn about this great stadium and the Yankees franchise, again.

I expect some Yankees fans to jump all over this, but sometimes news is news just because it’s New York. And that gets old, quick.

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