Redeem Team a Hit?

The fireworks have fizzled out, the athletes are on their way home and the U.S. led the world in medals attained. And while the gold medal count went to China, one team that needed to bring home the gold and did so was “The Redeem Team,” better known as U.S. NBA players.

The comparisons have already begun between this team and the original Dream Team, though Jordan, Bird, Johnson, etc., were no where to be found in this round. And while this team was far and away better than some of the arrogant teams that have played in the Olympics in the past and failed to achieve gold, no one was better than the original Dream Team.

But what about when it comes to collectibles? Will The Redeem Team have as much clout as the Dream Team? Well first off, I don’t think you’ll have the counterfeits of team balls with this year’s squad as with the original Dream Team. I don’t think there is a lot of clamoring for Michael Redd and Carmelo Anthony – at least not as much as for Jordan, Bird, etc.

Plus, all of these guys already have collectibles flooding the market. It’s a different ballgame than when NBA players first played in the Olympics. Game-used collectibles, autographs, etc., have grown leaps and bounds in the last 16 years.

Will I still go out and get my Olympic All-Star Vinyl figures? Sure, but I won’t be searching for team photos this time around. If you’re the best players in the world playing in the best league, shouldn’t you win?    

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