Polar Opposites: Simpson, Vick and Maddux

It seems the only time sports memorabilia get attention in the mainstream press is for bad things – or when Pete Rose offers a new enlightening inscription.

The latest episode involves O.J. Simpson, who had his sentencing after a botched robbery attempt to retrieve his sports memorabilia. He’ll spend at the minimum at least nine years in prison with the possibility of parole after five years.

Is any sports memorabilia worth that much of a price. I mean, would you, even for a $1 million-item waiting for you on the outside, spend at least five years in prison to have it? I don’t pretend to know everything about this case, and I know there were a lot of other scenarios involved with the sports memorabilia and the hotel sting, etc., but O.J. – use your head. You got what you deserved for this crime.

It makes me wonder how much more his stock will fall in the memorabilia market. I also wonder what will happen to Michael Vick’s stuff once he’s eligible to come back next season.

If Vick does well, I could see a lot of people back on the bandwagon (if they ever left) and his stuff doing all right. You know people still have his cards stashed away – just in case.

In better news, I just saw a report that Greg Maddux is going to announce his retirement. There isn’t a better class act in the game. Never flashy, he just pitched and fielded his position at times better than anyone else. Sure he slipped of late, but at age 43, that’s going to happen to a righty that doesn’t just have to throw to one batter, like the lefty relievers that live on forever.

I hated when my favorite teams faced him, but he was a heck of a great pitcher and the league will miss him.

Boy if there aren’t more polar opposites that Vick, Simpson and Maddux, I don’t know what it is.

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  1. brett on said:

    Those three names should never have been in the same sentence.Bad timing for Maddux. One of the greatest pitchers I ever got to see and a couple of dunderheads,Brett

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