Playoff fandom tones down the insults

Having attended both of the Milwaukee Brewers home playoff games (hey, at least they got two games at home before bowing out), I was struck by the fandom displayed. I’ll be honest, I’ve never been to a baseball game where I never sat down at some point. It was like high school football games all over again.

From the first pitch to the end, I was on my feet. even when the Brewers were down to their last out, down by four runs, the crowd was louder than ever with those inflatable Thundersticks. I though that was pretty cool.

But then there were some spots (like the three home runs hit by the Phillies) when one Phillies fan a few rows back was gong wild – rightly so. It would get quiet after the homers cleared the wall and this guy was the only person making noise in the entire section.

And what could you do? Nothing – heck I’d be doing the same thing (but probably not in Philly, I’ve heard those fans can get downright nasty). And no one gave him any grief back, which was appropriate.  I’ve been to far too many games when the home team is getting pelted and decide to turn on the opposing team’s fans to vent their frustration. It runs to an ugly scene of gestures and foul language that no one should be subject to, much less the kids in attendance.

The worst, of course, at Miller Park is when the Cubs are in town. Fans go at it worse than the players on the field, and it makes for an uncomfortable atmosphere all the way around.

So I was pleased at the playoff games that Phillies fans didn’t rub it in too much, that Brewers fans mostly saved their taunting to “Boos” and that I got to experience something for the first time ever in my Brewers fandom – the playoffs.

Until next time – hopefully not 26 years – I’ll hope that fans at Miller Park continue in the same fashion as they did in the playoffs.

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