Dining With the Milwaukee Braves

It’s not often I can enjoy nearly six hours in a casino and have my sides hurt not from second-hand smoke but from laughing so hard. And I got to call it work at the same time. In truth, it … Read More

Bryant Tops Jersey Sales – Where's Yao?

The NBA Playoffs are getting home and heavy, as the conference semifinals are underway. Not surprisingly, many of the stars of those teams are also the stars consumers are looking for when picking up NBA jerseys. Not surprisingly, Kobe Bryant … Read More

Numbers Don't Lie, Change is Needed

The annual industry trade conference, known as the Hawaii Trade Conference/Mainland Edition, recently wrapped up in Palm Harbor, Fla. (is that near Hawaii?), and attendees and manufacturers doled out plenty of opinions on what the hobby needs to do to … Read More

Sports Picks Show NFL Stars in College Duds

There’s something about getting NFL players in their college uniforms that is unique – kind of like those variant jerseys teams wear, but better. That said, I think the latest news from McFarlane Toys is kinda cool.    McFarlane’s new … Read More

Industry Survey: Fewer Products At Lower Price Points

The Hawaii Trade Conference (Mainland Edition held in Palm Harbor Fla.) was held last week, and among the speeches, seminars, etc., was a presentation by the University of Mississippi on the sports collecting hobby. To no one’s surprise, the survey … Read More

NBA Playoffs Used to be a Huge Deal

When I was ball-playing, driveway master of the basketball court, I used to live for the NBA Playoffs. I didn’t have cable, yest I was still able to watch the game. I watched the Portland Trailblazers in the playoffs for … Read More

Catching Sheffield's 500 Home Run Ball

A historic moment in sports took place on Friday – did you catch it? One fan caught the historic moment quite literally – 22 year-old Mets fan Chris Matcovich caught Gary Sheffield’s 500th career home run. And then he did … Read More

I'll Take a Conversation Over an Autograph

Bill Russell once said something to the effect of, regarding autographs, that those get these autographs now think they know you or have a piece of you when they get the autograph. He felt it was quite impersonal, which probably … Read More

Trading Cards Get Attention at MLB Ballparks

I managed to attend my first MLB game of the year last night, a poorly pitched affair between the Cincinnati Reds and the Milwaukee Brewers. It was cold, rainy – but that’s why there is a roof in Wisconsin. There’s … Read More