NFLPA Turns Its Back on Retired Players?

In case you haven’t heard about it yet – retired NFL players have filed a class-action lawsuit against the NFL Player’s Association over the use of their likeness in video games, trading cards and other areas.

Pro Football Hall of Famer Herb Adderley filed the suit in federal court in California. The suit represents more than 2,000 retired NFL players. The suit contends the NFLPA intentionally cut retired players out of licensing deals so active players could receive more benefits. This comes on the heels of what many believe is already poor pensions by the NFL for its former players.

Apparently there is internal correspondence from NFLPA officials that shows their notion to get less money for retired players.

This has been coming for a while. Many former players are furious at the Player’s Association on a number of subjects. For any league that turns its back on its former players that helped bring the league to its current status (which is pretty good no matter what league is discussed) is just wrong. In a time when the NFL is dodging publicity nightmares as it is with its current players, this won’t help the cause in public opinion.

If you’re using the likenesses of the former players, they should be compensated for it – plain and simple. This is especially true when the current players get plenty of compensation for being in the same card sets or video games.   

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