NFL Rookies Should Help Card Market

Looking at the 2008 NFL draft class, there wasn’t all thatexcitement. You had an offensive lineman taken with the first pick. Two defensemen lineman were among the top five picks. Not exactly the stuff card collectors get real excited about.

Aside from Matt Ryan, Darren McFadden and Felix Jones, there were some huge question marks about some of the offensive skill position players (the ones that attract the attention on the colletibles market). I remember strolling around the rookie premier and rying to guess who would make an impact this year.

Well, it turns out that a lot of the rookies are making impacts this year. Who would have thunk it?  McFadden has been sowed by injuries, as has Felix Jones. Matt Ryan has been leading the resurgent Falcons. But it’s the “other” guys who have been making the most noise.

Steve Slaton, Joe Flacco, Chris Johnson, Matt Forte, DeSean Jackson, Donnie Avery, Eddie Royal, Dustin Keller, John Carlson, Ray Rice and Kevin Smith have all gotten some quality minutes and put up impressive numbers at times. If you saw that many rookies having that much of an impact at the beginning of the year, then you belong in a GM position.

All of these players should help the football card market. While new card sales aren’t anything near healthy thanks to a current economic slowdown (to put it mildly), these players will get “hot” at some point. So now is a perfect time to get on board with these players.

What was thought to be a lower than average draft class might turn out to be one of the best. Now why didn’t I see that coming in my Fantasy drafts?

In a blog this week, I’ll ask Tuff Stuff’s Sports Collectors Monthly’s football pricing analysts to get me some rookie card numbers on the players mentioned above. Hey, they need something to do after a deadline:)

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