NBA Playoffs Used to be a Huge Deal

When I was ball-playing, driveway master of the basketball court, I used to live for the NBA Playoffs. I didn’t have cable, yest I was still able to watch the game. I watched the Portland Trailblazers in the playoffs for years on end with Clyde Drexler, Kevin Duckworth and Terry Porter.

I would go out in the driveway and pretend I was playing as the Trailblazers and “pass” the ball to my teammates in route to another layup.

The basketball playoffs were exciting, fun, found on network television and something my friends and I all talked about the next day.

And so I’m told the NBA Playoffs began over the weekend. While I knew that, I didn’t catch anything but highlights. I was inaccessible to cable television and no one I was with cared who won, who dominated the scoring or anything about the NBA playoffs.

The postseason is the shining moment of any sports league, where the best of the best come to shine and everyone is reminded why they love the sport so much.

So what gives? Perhaps it’s because the first round of the playoffs features matchups (especially in the East) of top-tier teams playing clubs with sub-.500 records. It’s nothing different from the regular season. It’s the deeper rounds when the real teams are left standing and the game is elevated to another level.

Perhaps it’s that half the game are on TNT, TBS and on after 9 p.m. As a kid, I would have missed nearly all of those games.

I’m not quite sure what it is, but the allure of the NBA postseason seems a little less feverish these days.

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