Let the Spending Begin

For this holiday season, do I spend millions on what could be considered an overweight pitcher or a head case outfielder? That’s what owners and general managers are considering these days as the free agent market is now wide open.

In case you hadn’t figured it out, the two players I’m referring to above are C.C. Sabathia and Manny Ramirez. Yes, they are the most talented players at their positions on the free agent market (and you could argue overall in baseball). However, both have huge question marks in my opinion.

Sabathia was a serious workhorse in 2008. He single-handily carried the Crew into the playoffs and was the best pitcher in baseball in the second half. but look at him. Think four years down the road and what he could look like. Would you want $50 million tied up in him when he’s 300-plus? It’s a risk you take, but the risk is there.

With Ramirez, well, I think I’ve written on this before. Great player, but he seems to get bored after a while. He’ll play hard this next year (probably) and then start to lose interest the year after (most likely). He played for hsi contract, he’ll get it and then soon he’ll revert. If you can live with that, spend away.

It’s fun to play general managers in our Fantasy Leagues, but doing it for real, with actual millions of dollars must be a nerve-wrecking job. Add in the judgment of millions of fans, and it can’t get any easier.

For me, I’ll just be thankful I just have to figure out what to spend money on for my wife. She’s not a risk at all.

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