Fantasy Work Trip

Fresh back from the Windy City after a three-day Fantasy Baseball bender. No, I wasn’t taking part in the drafts, just monitoring those in attendance from around the Midwest. I placed a lot of stickers on boards and watched some interesting draft strategy.

In one baseball draft of 15 teams (and 30 rounds!), Miguel Cabrera lasted until the 12th pick. Needless to say, that guys was really happy. I also realized that no matter how bad a player does (Rickie Weeks) the year before, people still believe in potential, even three years later.

Also, a lot of the possible rookies studs we hear about (with the exception of catcher Matt Wieters) were not taken for a long time in the draft. Participants selected the known production numbers versus the unknown. And I guess if I was paying $650 or more, I would, too.

Finally, this is a short one blog because missing work means more work, if you ever want to kill about 6-7 hours in a day, participate in a baseball draft that uses an auction format. Imagine the bidding process for 450 players, most starting at $1.

And when does the baseball season actually start?

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