Donruss Americana Rolls Out June 3

Most people aren’t real big on entertainment cards when it comes to
their sports card products, especially when they are getting guitar
heroes and such mixed in with their baseball and football cards.

But I think the one product that does it right is Donruss Americana
from Panini. Donruss Americana doesn’t hide what it is – an
entertainment product through and through with some sports stars thrown
in the mix for fun.

The latest batch will be released June 3 with five-card packs retailing
for $25 each. Yes, that’s a little steep, but there are some pretty
cool cards included in the set that would make the purchase price a
sweet deal – if you happened to pull it from the packs.

My personal favorite from the bunch is a card autographed by the four
members of the Bundy family from the sitcom Married With Children. I’m
a big fan of the show, so it would be neat to grab a card with
autographs of Ed O’Neill, Katey Sagal, Christina Applegate and David
Faustino. This card is part of the the Casting Call insert set. This
insert features 2-4 celebrities and one trapped parchment, numbered to
25 or less.

And that’s just one of the dozens of inserts that can be found in the
set. Other examples include Movie Posters, Private Signings, Cinema
Stars, Hollywood Legends, TV Stars Directors Cut and many more. These
often include both signed version and version with pieces of costumes
worn or other relics based on the person, character, TV show or film.

Obviously, the draw here is the autographed card. The commons are nice,
but they are just that – commons. To get a card signed by Jimmy
Stewart, Charlie Chaplin, Johnny Carson or Frank Sinatra is the real
draw. In all, there are 50 new signers for this set alone.

So aside from the Married With Children card, I would also prompt Panini/Donruss to make autographed cards from Top of the Heap (Matt LeBlanc), How I Met Your Mother and the HBO series Band of Brothers.   

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