Country vs. Country exhibitions have become pointless

The major sports in the U.S. have become a melting pot of nationalities. No matter the sport, you’ll now find players from nations around the world participating.

So why do they still conduct events like the Ryder Cup (right now the U.S. vs. Europe) and host hockey All-Star games with the U.S. vs. the world? Don’t the Olympics cover the arena enough, where one country can say they are “better” than the other? And actually, now that athletes can pretty much participate with whatever country they want, even that’s not a true testament to a country’s athletic prowess.   

I think the time of one country trying to say it’s the best in the world at any sport is ridiculous in this day and age, and this contrived competitions are done simply for ratings.

So why don’t they have U.S. vs. Japan in hot dog-eating contests? Or make the American Gladiator series a country vs. country spectacle? Bowling anyone?

Perhaps someone can explain this to me.

One thought on “Country vs. Country exhibitions have become pointless

  1. Can’t speak to the hockey or the hot-dog eating contests but there is no such thing as Olympic golf which explains the justification for creating such an event as the Ryder Cup. While I agree that ratings and the almighty dollar were contributing factors to creating the event if you watched any of it over the weekend, you saw the passion these guys played with trying to return the Cup to America. I think the hundreds of thousands of fans that attended the event would beg to differ about the event’s legitimacy.

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