Tristar TNA Impact

Bustin’ Wax is breaking new ground in this edition, opening some wrasslin’ cards. Joining me is Chris Nerat, writer for Sports Collectors Digest and author of the Gavel Chat blog on the SCD site. Check out his vintage wrestling article in the July 25 edition of SCD. ¬†

Today’s Feature: Tristar TNA Impact

  • 18 packs/box ($55)
  • 8 cards/pack

We didn’t really know what to expect in this box except for the four “guaranteed” hits¬† – two autos (i numbered to 60 or less) , a event-used memorabilia card and 1 parallel (numbered to 50 or less).

Our hits included a:

  • Christy Hemme event-used card (numbered to 250)
  • ODB auto and Don West auto (no number run given)
  • Booker T parallel (numbered to 50)

These cards are interesting to say the least. Some of the characters are a little weird, and the tatoo cards are different, but wrestling fans will love. Roll the the tape:

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