SP Authentic Baseball

Welcome to another bust on Bustin’ Wax, brought to you by Tuff Stuff’s Sports Collectors Monthly.  In this installment, we break:

SP Authentic Baseball

  • 5 cards/pack
  • 24 packs/box ($100)

The card themselves are all right. All of the players are “cut out” with some funky graphics in the background. Inserts include Marquee Matchups and Authentic Achievements, but what collectors area really looking for are the three autos per box (on average). So which ones did we open?

  • By the Letter auto: Edwin Encarnacion (“W” – numbered to 99)
  • Rookie auto: Jed Lowrie (numbered to 499)
  • Rookie jersey auto: Felipe Paulino (numbered to 799)

For the rest of the box, check out the video below:

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