Donruss Americana II

Donruss has rolled out some more celebrity goodness with Donruss Americana II. Having the pleasure of opening this box is Chris Nerat of  the blog Gavel Chat on

Today’s Feature: Donruss Americana II

  • 4 cards/pack ($40 pack)
  • 4 packs/box

There are supposed to be four autographed or memorabilia cards per box on average, with some big names such as John Wayne, Marlon Brando, Adam West, etc. We didn’t get anybody that huge, but here is what we did find:

2 autos: Robert Wagner (numbered to 75) and Eric Estrada (numbered to 80)
1 auto/relic: Ring Kings Andrei “The Pitbull” Arlovski (numbered to 352)
1 Hollywood Legends relic: Burt Lancaster (numbered to 500)
1 Proof: Peggy Fleming (numbered to 250)
1 Cinema Stars: Arielle Kebbel (numbered to 500)
1 Hollywood Legends base: Donna Reed (numbered to 500)

The rest were base cards, with examples including Jonathan Winters,Joyce DeWitt  and Fred Willard.

This is an intriguing set with endless possibilities. The autos we got were all right, and the classic shots of older stars is always nice. Here is the video:


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  1. Bryan on said:

    If I ever pay $40 a pack for 4 cards and I get autos or relics from Adam West, etc…. please shoot me.

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