2008 UD Ballpark Collection

Sometimes it’s just fun to rip open a box of baseball product you know will be loaded with patch cards and autographs. And that’s exactly what we did with Upper Deck Ballpark Collection.

This box offered three memorabilia cards or one auto and two memorabilia cards in every  five-card pack.

Because we could run down the entire box as a listing below, but we have them all on video anyway, we’ll just highlight four of the top cards here.

– Roy Halladay autograph and patch card

– Brandon Boggs rookie card autograph

– Six Swatch memorabilia card
    – Frank Thomas (Sox)
    – Manny Ramirez (Red Sox)
    – Vladimir Guerrero
    – Carloes Lee (Brewers)
    – Mike Schmidt
    – Albert Pujols

– Eight Swatch memorabilia card
    – David Ortiz
    – Casey Kotchman (Angels)
    – Jason Giambi (Yanks)
    – Frank Thomas (Sox)
    – Richie Sexson (Mariners)
    – Aubrey Huff (Rays)
    – Jim Thome (Phillies)
    – Justin Morneau

For the dual and quad patch cards, check out the video:


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